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Gepard Shield
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99% Bug

Iris Ragnarok Online is a free server that focuses on a classic Pre-Renewal game play. We work with the fastest hardware available to provide you with the best gaming experience as you journey through Rune Midgard! Read the table below for more information about our game mechanics.

Server Rates Other Info
EXP Rates: 5x ~ 7x Episode: 5: "Juno Patch"
Max Base Level: 99 Max Job Level: 50
Drop Rates: 3x ~ 4x Max Stats: 99
Card Drop Rates: 3x ~ 4x Instantcast: 150 DEX
MVP Card Drop Rates: 1x Other: 2-2 classes will be
released on a later date
Voice Chat: Discord




War of Emperium

Valkyrie Realm Guild: Britoniah Guild: Luina Guild: Greenwood Guild:
Not yet available* Not yet available* Not yet available* Not yet available*
* Times are in Server Time, which is GMT + 8.




Player Commands

Iris Ragnarok Online Developers implemented various helpful commands that can make your life inside the game more easier. See below for more information.


We all know that sometimes you will experience something that you can't explain in-game like a bug cell in which you can't pick up items or your out of position during boss raids or woe times. This command will ensure that your screen will refresh instantly.


This command will ensure that you will know the exact base experience rate, job experience rate and item drop rates on the fly inside the game.


You want to sell something but you are inside a dungeon, on a far away place hunting rare items or you just want to be productive while afk'ed? This command will help you by letting your alternate account do the selling while your main account is farming or leveling up.


This command will instantly let you know the exact location of a monster that you want to camp for rare loots and items.


We know that switching between your web browser and game client just to search different types of monsters race, size, property & item drops is a nuisance. That being said, This command will help you a lot by just typing it inside your chat box in-game.


Pick up the choice of loots that you're after in a 2x2 cell around you, making it less time-consuming for the items you want, while keeping those you don't want out.